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Day Tours Port Phillip Bay

One of the best ways of seeing the stunning countryside of Victoria and the quaint local towns is by coach charter. Bendigo Coachlines offer the complete luxury service to spend your time sightseeing.

One of the top places to visit from Bendigo is Port Phillip Bay and the surrounding Melbourne scenic sights.

Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip is the entrance to Australia'™s busiest port and is one of Victoria'™s most popular sightseeing destinations. In fact Port Phillip is not really a bay, it is a port area made up of 16 bays.

There are many things to do and see along it'™s vast coastline, there are beautiful beaches and many coastal parks ideal for walking and exploring. If you are interested in scuba diving then Port Phillip Bay is ideal due to the islands, shipwrecks and marine life that are so abundant.

Port Phillip with over 3 million residents in the area make it Australia'™s most densely populated catchment.

Piers & Jetties

The piers and jetties of Port Phillip are popular destinations for many tourists no matter what activity they prefer, from; walking, fishing, swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

These structures are home to a fascinating and diverse range of marine life just waiting to be discovered beneath the waves. Three of the favourite piers are;

      •  Dromona Pier - Public berthing is available for up to 48 hrs.

      •  Frankston Pier - Public berthing is available for up to 48 hrs.

      •  Mordialloc Pier - The pier is a fishing haven, particularly good for Yellow-eye mullet and Salmon. Other species include: squid, snapper, flathead, silver trevally,

         garfish, whiting, leatherjacket and bream.

The Rip

The Rip offers spectacular wall diving and challenging drift dives. The marine life is varied and brilliantly colourful.

Divers are really spoilt as there are so many challenging and exciting locations nearby such as Portsea Hole, the Lonsdale and Nepean Wall and Popes Eye.

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Ricketts Point is the perfect place to introduce kids to the wonderful world of Victoria'™s underwater marine life.

Located just near Beaumaris Ricketts Point is bordered by jutting cliffs of sandstone eroded down over the years into a series of platforms, sea caves and offshore reefs, the sanctuary is easily accessible for everybody.

There are so many diverge range of habitats at Ricketts Point, many plants and animals are to be found there. On the rocks can be seen green and red algae which shelters brittle stars, bristle worms and crustaceans.

The surrounding sandy bottoms are covered by patches of seagrass which attract a range of fish. Further in the depths, rock bommies are carpeted in either green Caulerpa of brown Sargassum which hides many small animals.

The rocks also attract fish including Southern Hulafish, Scalyfin, Morwong and even Cuttlefish.

Port Phillip Bay is ideally located for a day trip coach charter from Bendigo, and Bendigo Coachlines are the ideal company to provide the transport. .

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