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Bendigo is perfectly placed in Victoria to provide an excellent base to explore the surrounding territory and to have enjoyable day trips and excursions.

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Horsham is situated on the Wimmera River and just over 200km from Bendigo. It is a lively city with excellent shopping, dining, entertainment and accommodation with its well kept streets, parks and waterways.

Things To Do In Horsham

● Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Horsham Regional Art Gallery holds a significant collection of Australian art and photography, there are paintings, drawings and prints including a small collection of ceramics and sculptures.

● A Kube Aviation

A Kube Aviation offer joy flights, half-day and week-long adventures from Horsham and Nhill aerodromes. Enjoy stunning views of the mountains and lakes.

●— Victorian Inland Charters

If you enjoy freshwater fishing then VIC are the people for you, their trips specialise in fishing the lakes of Western Victoria and the Grampians. Famous for their fighting brown and leaping rainbow trout.

Walking Trails

●— Wimmera River Walk

Stroll or pedal along the scenic Lawrie Rudolph trail as it follows the path of the Wimmera River. Points of interest are Sound Shell and Apex Island and the extensive lawns of Weir Park.

● Horsham Police Paddock

The Police Paddock provides recreational opportunities for walkers, cyclists, anglers, bird watchers in a natural woodland setting. The reserve features a black box swamp, a remnant of the endemic vegetation of the area. There are also extensive man-made wetlands that are home to many species of birds and fish.


Horsham is a vibrant town with many shopping opportunities from independent local shops to large chain outlets, all within easy walking distance.

Horsham Shopping Centre and Horsham Plaza provide a variety of retail outlets and has something for everybody.

Golf Courses

There are five good courses in and around Horsham from testing to hard.

●— Horsham Golf Club

The Horsham Golf Club has long had a reputation as one of the best golf courses in Victoria and Australia and is ranked in the top 50 public access golf courses in Australia.

●— Drung Golf Club

Sand greens, links type course and a practice fairway, the clubhouse has bar facilities.

● Toolondo Golf Club

Sand greens, course in bush environment on a well-drained sand belt. It hosts an annual tournament end of July to early August.

●— Natimuk Golf Club

Sand scrapes, gentle slopes and fantastic views of Mt. Arapiles.

● Pimpino Golf Club

Sports club providing golf activities on sand scrape course.

Horsham Parks and Gardens are a must to visit, with May Park being one of the most popular parks with a sheltered barbeque area. Sayer Park is located along the banks of the Wimmera River, features large open spaces and coin operated BBQ’s.

The Horsham Botanic Gardens has a wonderful playground for children, picnic tables and free gas operated BBQ’s. Weir Park boasts beautiful river views and ample room for kids to play.

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