Day Tours From Bendigo - Heathcote

Day Tours Bendigo - Heathcote

The town of Heathcote is only about 35km east of Bendigo and the region surrounding it is full of exciting things to do and see. Nestling in the heart of Victoria and beneath the stunning McHarg and McIvor Ranges this charming town offers plenty to the visitor.

It is fast becoming one of Australia’s most loved wine regions and offers good food, spectacular landscapes, gold rush memorabilia, local arts and crafts, serene bushlands and a plethora of welcoming accommodation.

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Heathcote Wines

Heathcote wine region has become famous for producing some of the finest shiraz in the world along with other high quality reds.

Some of the best wineries to visit are; Heathcote Winery, McIvor Estate, Domaine Asmara, Condie Estate, Munari Wines and M Chapoutier.

Red soil and warm summers tempered by cool, southerly winds help to produce robust wines of power and great complexity. As mentioned shiraz is the flagship varietal, but the area also produces superb cabernet sauvignon and is having success with viognier and riesling.

Wine tasting is all year round but during the month of October the Heathcote Wine and Food Festival is a must to visit.

Pink Cliffs Reserve

The Pink Cliffs Reserve is a colourful phenomenon was originally created by early gold-mining activities: sluicing work in the 1880’s revealed the iconic pink hills.

There is a variety of stones at this excellent geological reserve, including ironstone with a distinctive volcanic appearance.

The reserve is also a great place for bushwalking and outstanding flora and unusual fauna.

Heathcote-Graytown National Park

The outstanding views afforded by Mount Ida and Viewing Rock are one of the most exciting elements in the Graytown National Park.

Heathcote-Graytown is a marvellous place for bushwalks, and the park has a rich history with relics from the gold rush and the war era.

Melvilles Lookout is a prominent ridge where Captain Melville reputable waited in ambush for miners during the gold rush.

Mount Ida

From Mount Ida’s summit all the way north to New Guinea there is no higher peak. Mount Ida, which is also a flora reserve, is now part of the new Heathcote-Graytown National Park.

The north slopes of the Mount are not as densely vegetated as the south facing ones as the latter are cooler and wetter. On the western side grow Yellow Gum whilst further to the east is Grey Box and Red Stringybark.

Dargile Forest

In Dargile Forest, the box forest gives way to Red Ironbark, River Red Gum, Yellow Box and Silver Wattle grow along some of the gullies and creeks.

Other plant life include Daphne Heath, Flame Heath, Spider Flower and a plethora of wattles including Gold-dust Twattle.

If you are visiting the Dargile Forest then the best time is in Spring as many of the flora are then starting to bloom.

All these spectacular natural and cultivated habitats are only a brief journey away from Bendigo and are easily accessible on a day trip, simply contact us for details.

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