Coach Excursions to Loddon Valley

Coach Excursions to Loddon Valley

Bendigo is the perfect location to take different day trips by coach or minibus to the Loddon Valley. The Loddon Valley is a unique and wonderful part of Victoria.

The region offers many rural attractions especially for those that enjoy the outdoor life and generally taking things easy.Sit and fish on the Loddon River, explore

one of the many National Parks or visit some of the most exciting wineries. Take a stroll down the high streets of many historic towns dotted around this charming

area from Bridgewater on Loddon to Inglewood, Eddington and then up north to Boort and Pyramid Hill.


Educating Country Walks

There are trail walks all around the Lodden Valley which reveal much about the beautiful natural landscapes of the wetlands, forests or towering granite outcrops.

To the north, walk around and over Pyramid Hill or wander through one of the best black box woodlands in Victoria at Leaghur State Park near Boort.

Further south, try the Inglewood Nature Conservation Reserve, Kooyoora State Park, the extraordinary Melville Caves, the fascinating Tarnagulla Nature Conservation reserve or the Wychitella Flora and Fauna Reserve near Wedderburn.

At Bridgewater, there is a trail that takes you to a popular swimming hole with a delightful picnic area and a platform for safe and easy access to the Loddon River.

In the other direction there is a top fishing platform on the way to a new water ski platform for people with disabilities.

The Nardoo Trail is a pleasant walk along either side of the Nardoo Creek, which runs through Wedderburn and joins the Korong Creek at the southern end of town.

Historic Town Walks

Loddon’s towns offer a rich feast of history and quaint Australian rural friendship.

Inglewood’s main street is awash with the flavour of the gold rush, with many plaques dotted about giving the visitor an educational view of the stories of the heritage buildings still standing and more on nearby streets.

Hotels, pioneers homes, iconic gold rush businesses and public buildings all have a fascinating story to tell of the days in the 1860’s when the Lodden Valley was the epicentre of Victoria’s last great gold rush.

The Tarnagulla township walk is another treat for lovers of history with the marvellous Golden Age Hotel, Victoria Theatre, the historic Court House, Bell’s Cottage and charming churches and other discoveries to be made.  

Boort offers much to the visitor and the abundant birdlife rates highly among Australia’s top Twitchers.

The town is located around a group of waterways and lakes, Boort offers attractions for skiers, powerboats, sailboats, birdwatchers and bush walking enthusiasts.

Eddington was a major town in the 19th century hosting a winery, brewery, cheese factory, butter factory,a racecourse and a number of churches.

Today the town is mostly involved with agricultural activities in the district include wheat, grains, cattle,  rapeseed, sheep, grapes and horses.

There are many other interesting towns and country walks in the Lodden Valley region and coach charter is one of the easiest ways of accessing some of the more remote areas just waiting to be discovered.

If you fancy the idea of exploring the Loddon Valley area then Bendigo Coachlines are ready to assist in any group transport you might need.

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