For many tourists and visitors to Australia, their journey will begin and end in the State of Victoria, in the southeastern sector of the continent. While Victoria is a relatively small state compared to the others in the “land Down Under€, it offers a wide range of places to go and sights to see. Being a bit more compressed than many of the other areas of Australia, the best way to see the sights of this area are via a coach trip. There are many tour operators offering the public a wide range of excursions and travel adventures to a multitude of fascinating locales. Here are a few of the most popular destinations for one or two day trips via coach tours:


  • Of course Melbourne, as the capital of Victoria, is the perfect jumping off spot for interesting and entertaining travel adventures in the region. This city is one you will find that offers guests and visitors a wealth of activities, sites to see and international events on par with any city in the world. These events include the annual Formula One Gran Prix as well as the biggest and most famous horse race in Australia, The Melbourne Cup. Getting around the city itself is easy as there are numerous parkways, bicycle paths and a well developed tramway.


  • A trip from Melbourne heading towards the northeast will take you to the beautiful Yarra Valley. This region is well noted as a place where numerous wineries call home. You will visit a region that is full of scenery ranging from the magnificent Dandenong Ranges with their mountain scenery to the fertile valleys where many wineries welcome you for a tour and relaxing wine tasting retreat.


  • For history buffs, a trip to the goldfields, just outside of the city limits of Melbourne, is a rewarding way to spend a day of exploration and learning about the impact that the gold rush of the mid 1800 had on the economy and development of Victoria. Most coach tours will take you through the two main towns in the area, Bendigo and Ballarat as well as the goldfield official theme park, Sovereign Hill. There will also be time for shopping and visiting the craft shops in Castlemaine, a small berg that will take you back in time to the days of the booming gold fields of the area.

These are just a few of the numerous tour destinations available within Victoria. There are numerous parks, geographical sites, and historical locations that will satisfy and entertain travelers of all ages in this eclectic and unique part of the world.


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