Top Five Art Galleries to Check Out in Victoria, Australia

Victoria Art Gallery

If you live in or are visiting Victoria in Australia and are interested in art make sure you visit one of these top five art galleries.

The gallery itself opened in 1968 and has more than 70,000 pieces hanging on the walls or in exhibition cases.

  1. The National Gallery of Victoria “ this gallery houses exhibitions of students™ work who have taken art or studio arts at college. This is an annual event for the gallery which also has an NGV studio where visitors can find contemporary art that is both dynamic and very popular. There are two main galleries that are free to visit. You can spend hours in the NGV looking at international art displays from Asia, Europe and America. 

  2. The Ian Potter Centre

    This fascinating centre is in the National Gallery of Victoria holding non-indigenous and indigenous art from Colonial times, right up to the present day. The very interesting Australian art will interest Ozzies as well as visitors from all over the world. In this centre you can also find a restaurant, cafes and places to sit in silence while pondering over a favourite picture.

  3. Although not quite an art gallery the lanes and byways in Melbourne hold some fantastic art works. Local and international painters create beautiful paintings in workshops around the city. Why not take a tour with a professional guide to see what these artists have painted to enjoy the many public art works around? There are many locations to drop into where artists have been inspired to paint, a truly memorable experience for everyone.

  4. The Ararat Art Gallery this gallery can be found in the Town Hall offering many exciting exhibitions in visual arts. Contemporary textile fibre art is also featured here which is an innovative new field in the world of art.

  5. The Geelong Gallery this is one of the oldest art galleries in Victoria being built in 1896. It has a fantastic collection of 19th and 20th century European and Australian decorative arts and paintings. There are also collections of British pottery, Australian silver, English porcelain, sculptures and ceramics.

All art galleries make for a wonderful day out especially where there are so many to choose from in Victoria, Australia. Do not put off a visit to one of the many fascinating art galleries, it will be one that you will enjoy immensely.

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