Pentridge Prison Break

Very different to normal Break-Out events as this features a real prison. It is an exciting strategic event where teams have to work together to break out of Melbourne’s infamous D-Division at HM Prison Pentridge. All guards are highly trained and act their parts realistically with authentic costumes and appropriate attitudes.


The participants or inmates also are encouraged to develop their characters and alter egos to interact with the guards and each other in a realistic and fun simulated environment.


The activity can be enjoyed from 5 to 8 people, normally divided into teams of between five and eight. Normally the event runs between two and three hours. The teams then develop into their own prison gang with a contrived story, the participants are encouraged to alter their appearance with fake tattoos, bandanas, scars and costumes.


The cells are chilling and very authentic and the gangs run through a series of mental and strategic challenges to solve clues, bribe guards and steal a master key for their release.



The beauty of the Paparazzi event is that it can be held almost anywhere in the city of Melbourne. It purpose is to encourage team building, decision making, problem solving and to develop leadership skills.


A fictitious magazine enrols the participants help to take key photos of iconic locations of the city and false celebrities. However, the task is not as easy as it sounds as the locations are hidden and scattered about to prevent the Paparazzi finding them. The event is set against the clock so it is a race against time.


The Paparazzi team’s assignment is broken down into activity, celebrity and location photo’s and dollars are earned for each snap. Each of the photos will require ingenuity, creativity and imagination to capture the perfect image.


At the conclusion the team that has created the best and most creative snaps and has gained the most money wins. An added feature to end the day is to present the photos taken and so the teams can vote on each other's work.   


Secret Agent Adventure

The event starts with a briefing from the Head of Headquarters. The outline of the day’s objectives are then imparted and participants are given their missions. The teams are then encouraged to take on their personas and act the role of a super agent.


The mission is a series of tasks and agents must assist each other to complete them. The activity will strengthen team building and will promote leadership skills. There are eight missions to complete; both physical and mental. And a strategic and cooperative approach to gain the skills to succeed is vital. Cracking codes, getting into disguise, locating undercover agents and much more are included in this activity.


Teams race against each other and the clock to complete all the tasks; obstacles and misinformation will hinder each team’s progress to frustrate and annoy the competitors. The team that can effectively pull together will win this race and be the super agents.  


Up to 500 participants can be involved and the activity normally takes 4 / 5 hours, the advantage of Secret Agent Adventure is that it can be held almost anywhere.


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