Top 5 Most Scintillating Campsites Near Melbourne


There is nothing more rewarding and exciting than camping in Melbourne or its environs.  This is especially during summer when the weather is friendly enough to accommodate a wide range of outdoor activities.  With that in mind, here is a list of five most scintillating campsites near Melbourne.

Tidal RiverTidal River

It is the biggest national park campground in Victoria, hosting more than 3,000 campers at a time. This is made possible by the extensive network of hiking trails and expansive beaches that can easily absorb crowds and still leave enough space for privately contemplating reflections in Tidal River every evening.  What's more, you can catch an outdoor cinema or even watch wallabies, echidnas and wombats doing their thing.

Cumberland River Holiday Park

You know a caravan park is scenically unique the moment it starts offering its grounds for wedding photos. No fake sunset backdrops here. It is the real thing! Breathtaking sunsets near River Cumberland's River and clean crisp air for your lungs. But that's not everything. Craggy cliffs tower over the campsite, which boasts of great walking tracks and a nice view of the Great Ocean Road.

Marengo Holiday Park

Where else can you enrol in a surf school, rent a sea kayak or practice yoga on the beach in Victoria? You guessed it right - Marengo Holiday Park. It is one of the whitest and cleanest beaches on the Great Ocean Road, complete with modern camping facilities. As an icing to the cake, there are shops and services in Apollo Bay, which is only a few breaths away from the campsite.

The Grampians National ParkThe Grampians National Park

Here's what you can get here: charming waterfall views, magnificent summits and refreshing treks through lush green forests. That's what Grampians is all about. In a nutshell, it is an adventure lover's haven.  The campsite boasts of more than 25 tracks complete with both sedate and challenging treks.  Campers can also go for an overnight hike.  Enjoy what the camp has to offer and while at it, remember to hire a minibus or a coach to help you get to this park!

Lake Catani

Lake Catani campground is always open until the end of April, before it closes for the snow season. The best time to visit the site is during autumn when Beechworth and Bright are ablaze with colour and the farm gates of Milawa gourmet trail are in full production. The campsite is rejuvenating to say the least. The air is crisp enough to allow invigorating walks on Mount Buffalo's plateau. Then there is the hot shower at the campgrounds where tranquil campsites are tucked well among snow gums.


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