Top 4 kids Days Out in Victoria

Victoria is Australia's most densely populated state and it's well known for its thousands of kilometers of coastline. With so many amazing natural attractions the likes of the Twelve Apostles, the Grampians and Phillips Island, do you really need to visit the big city? Okay, the suburbs of Melbourne also have their fair share of attractions like the Melbourne Zoo and Museum, the Crown Casino and the National gallery of Victoria.

But if you're on holiday with the wee ones, then you could not have picked a better spot, as there are dozens of outdoor and indoor amusements and sights that the urchins will never forget. It's a difficult task to work out, but here are some of the top kids days out in Victoria:

Werribee Open Range Zoo

  • Werribee Open Range Zoo is a 225 hectare open air zoo masquerading as the African savanna. On the walking trail you can gape at great primates like gorillas or gawk at a pride of lions or gaze at family of hippopotamus. If you don't fancy going walkabout then head out to the grassy plains and check out African wildlife like zebras, giraffes and antelope on one of the zoo as scheduled safari tours.

    The Werribee Zoo is dedicated to animal conservation. They try to mimic the animals natural habitats and they work very hard to assist in the preservation of endangered species through breeding programs, and recovery programs. The park raises awareness with keeper talks, literature, and information available about the animals who reside in the park.

    There are special programs for school excursions at Werribee Open Range Zoo. With conservation becoming a worldwide issue the new Education for Conservation program is a great opportunity to involve students and get their unique input on ways to continue conservation efforts. Bendigo Coaches provides special pricing for school educational excursions.

  • Melbourne Aquarium with its 360 degree Oceanarium filled with sharks and stingrays should not be missed, especially during the live feeding demonstration held twice daily. The Melbourne Aquarium is also where you can experience the Antarctica exhibit complete with penguins, the Coral Atoll exhibit with all its multi­hued sea creatures and the Seahorse exhibit where you all find the world largest collection of seahorse species ever gathered.

    Melbourne Aquarium

    One of the newest attractions within the Melbourne SeaLife Aquarium is the Glass Bottom Boat Tour. Your boat will depart for an hour as you get a view of the 2.2 million litre Oceanarium like no other. Everyone will be delighted at the unique vantage point this tour gives. Your guide will be happy to tell you all about the sea creatures you get to witness through your portal into the deep. This tour is an additional $25 per person on top of general admission, and it runs more often on school holidays and public holidays.

  • Otway Fly Treetop Adventures situated in the Otway Mountain range is where the place to go when you absolutely must get a birdseye view of the forest below. Take your pick of two eco­friendly adventures. The Tree Top Walk which is the longest and tallest walk of its kind. It will take you over the crowns of the tallest trees in the forest. It takes about an hour and stretches a full 2 kilometres above the forest canopy.

    If you ever wondered what it feels like to be a bird or a flying squirrel, then you have got to try the Zip Line Tour. This involves traversing from one platform to another via a steel cable some 30 meters above the forest floor below. Can you say adrenalin? This tour definitely takes it up a notch. It lasts for 2.5 hours, you will also get to experience the world famous tree walk, 6 flights, and 2 suspension bridges.

    You can also be introduced to a proper bush walk. Once you have had your fill of the canopy ground yourself once again and admire the gorgeous flora and fauna of the rainforest floor.

    Otway Treetop Adventures is a superb place for corporate team building days, or school excursions. This unique experience is one that everyone will remember for a lifetime. Special group discounts are offered and Bendigo Coachlines will provide groups transport to and from the site making for a wonderful day trip.


The Lego Education Center

For something a bit different the Lego Education Center is a fun and interesting alternative. With activities designed to stimulate the brain and encourage the building of structures, mechanisms, robotics, renewable energy, and movie making. The Centre can be reserved for workshops, school holidays, and birthday parties. LEGO is dedicated to encouraging kids with new ways to learn and question. The centres around the world are designed to promote creativity, imagination, fun, and all children are encouraged to ask questions.


For one of the most cutting edge learning experiences for your children check out a LEGO education centre. Kids of all ages will be delighted at the challenges and discoveries made while attending an educational excursion.


From indoor adventures with LEGOs to cruising the in a glass bottom boat, to swinging through the canopy of the rainforest there are number of things to do in and around Melbourne. We have suggested four different activities that are great for kids. Each one makes for a great half day or day trip. All of these places will work for a simply family outing, a small group, or larger organized school trips. Bendigo Coaches will help you arrange all your transportation needs for your group of four or more.

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