Top 4 Most Entertaining Melbourne Festivals To Experience


Making friends with charming Australian locals, experiencing Penguin parades at Philips Island, camping out in the bush and soaking yourself in the sun. When it comes to activities in Melbourne, you might think you've heard it all before, but you haven't. Truth is, Melbourne has more to offer than anyone can handle. The best you can do is take advantage of some of what the city has to offer, but in moderation. That is where Melbourne festivals and cultural events come into the picture. Read on to find out more about them.

Melbourne International Flower and Garden The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Every Autumn, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show roars to life in a festival of pomp, colour and scintillating floral design. Held at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, it is the biggest and most popular annual flower and garden show not just in Australia but in the entire southern hemisphere. The festival showcases the passion and creativity of Australia's top landscape and floral designers in stunning displays. There is great entertainment, mouth-watering cuisine and gifts for everyone. The Carlton gardens, where the event is held, is a striking example of 19th century gardens complete with miniature lakes, tree lined avenues and plenty of places to enjoy Melbourne's greenery. Mark your calendar every March to book a ticket to the event.

Melbourne Fashion Festival

You may not know it but Melbourne is regarded as Australia's shopping and fashion capital. Melbourne Fashion festival highlights this fact more than any other event. Held every March, the festival stirs up the city in an annual month long celebration of creativity, fashion and design. Live entertainment, modelling, beauty workshops and forums are some of the things that make the festival stand out.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

It is currently the 3rd largest comedy festival in the world. But that is not all.  It is the largest comedy festival in the southern hemisphere.  The festival offers you a chance to laugh out your problems and make friends with Australians. For 3 weeks and 3 days, Melbourne becomes the epicentre  of the comedy world with an extensive program of cabaret, stand-up comedy, street performance, visual arts, television and radio.  With attendances of more than 500,000 people, the festival has grown and continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year. Take part in it and experience what it means to enjoy comedy acts performed in stages and venues of all shapes and sizes around the city.

Christmas SeasonChristmas Season

Of course it's international, but Melbourne adds a new twist to it. The city is after all, one of those few places in Australia where you can enjoy carol singing by the candlelight in city parks, world-class cultural events and breathtaking sporting events. Trust us when we say Christmas in Melbourne is an experience out of the world!

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