As we explored on one of our past articles , Bendigo is an extremely friendly city filled with parks and venues offering very diverse activities for kids. We at bendigo coachlines love creating custom travel experiences for our clients, send us a message with any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to help you organize a truly unforgettable trip. Now, lets take a look at some of this great family activities:



Confectionery Capers


Another amazing attraction that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Think of the Confectionery Capers as one giant room filled to the rim with toys, and no any toy mind you, many of them actually move at the push of a button!


Now, think about the great feeling of accomplishment you get from pressing a button, now multiply that by a hundred and you are still not even close!! I have never quite seen a place like this, but let me tell you something, your kids will absolutely love it (specially your younger ones who will go absolutely bananas with all the movement, lights, sounds and buttons that seem to be everywhere you look)! The fact that there also is a confectionery corner where you will be able to purchase your kid's favorite candies just adds to the effectiveness of this venue to keep your children happy.


So that you know, older children and parents can entertain themselves with the many (hundreds to be more precise) little informational displays and word plays scattered around the shed ready to be worked out y your eager eyes and brains. There are also many little machines and intricate dynamic displays that will capture your attention for hours on end. Certainly a must see for all family looking for an entertaining and sort-of educational experience.



relax picnicLake Weeroona


Let's get a bit closer to nature for this one. After a day filled with activities and hundreds of little moving machinery, why not take the time for a nice stroll in the park, some play time in the huge playground and a relax picnic (or BBQ if you are feeling slightly more proactive) overlooking the lake?


I know! Kind of sounds like a great day out, and it will be. Lake Weeroona also has the advantage of being located in a very central area of Bendigo meaning it is extremely accessible by many means (in all likeability your hotel will be close to it any-how). Take the time to explore the many beautiful walking paths around the park, visit the main central lake and stare at it's relaxing waters, sit down on the many benches available and try feeding the ducks, swans and geese that are constantly walking about (I'm sure your kids will appreciate you bringing some extra bread along)


Furthermore, in case you didn’t bring your own food, remember the park is actually located quite conveniently in midtown Bendigo meaning there's actually quite a lot of choice when it comes to restaurants and bars. Just ask some of the hundreds of people that visit the park on the daily basis, they'll be thrilled to point you to the closest restaurant!


Check out the map for these attractions:






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