The most complete kid friendly attraction in Bendigo

As we talked about in one of our last posts, Bendigo is an extremely family friendly city. With all it's beauty, parks and attractions, Bendigo offers many options for parents who want to keep their kids entertained during their travels.

Let's explore what probably is the most complete option for families visiting Bendigo. Always remember we at Bendigo Choachlines love to answer questions, if you have any doubts about what to do while visiting our city, just contact us with all your questions  , we'll be more than happy to suggest the best way to create the perfect traveler experience for you and your family.


The Zone Family Entertainment Complex


Ok, this is probably the ideal place to visit if you want your kids to run around for a few hours while you manage to spend some free time with your significant other... or join your kids in the fun!


Though there are certain attractions, like the bouncy castles, which are only for the young ones, many of the rest of the activities can easily be accessed by adults as-well. Here is a quick list of all the awesome things you can do at the The Zone:


Go-Kart Kart Zone:

This consists of a really fun Go-Kart race track. Obviously this particular attractions is not appropriate for the youngest ones, you must be over 8 years old before being able to get onto the track. There are 2 distinct race tracks offering a slightly different experience (one indoor, one outdoor) while you can choose between 2 karts: The Junior Kart (max speed 50mk/h available for ages 8-14 years old) and the senior kart (Max speed 60km/h and available for ages 14+)


Combat Zone:

Get ready for a paintball adventure! Yup, all protective gear and unlimited paint balls are provided for an hour. Anyone under 18 years of age (minimum 10 years old) must be able to provide a signed document by parents or guardians giving them permission to participate in the activity.


Golf Zone:

Well, since we have already been shooting one another and busting some dance moves on roller skates, why not relax and head to the green? Each hole in this mini golf course has it's own level of difficulty, so worry not, there will certainly be something for everybody's skills. Definitely a good activity for kids to enjoy with their parents.


Kid Zone:

This on is for the little ones!! After so many activities that have a minimum age requirements is refreshing to see one that has a maximum age limit. Anyone over 9 years old will not be allowed inside. Here, the youngest ones will be able to enjoy go-karting in the special kiddy karts (2 speeds, electronic and remote controlled, suitable for ages 3-9) which run in their own mini race track which is both safe and fun. The Kid's Zone also has a play center featuring an awesome playground with a ball pit, and an outdoor maze for all who are looking for a challenge!



Skate Zone:

Now lets indulge in some disco skating! That's right, put your roller-skates on and let's hit the dance floor. All safety equipment will be provided so you can be sure your kids will be safe out there, any level of skill is allowed on the floor (there's even expert assistance for those who needs some extra lessons before feeling comfortable on wheels) and you stand the chance to win special prizes if your moves impress the jury. Minimum age required for this activity is 4 years old.


Laser Zone:

Ok, personally I think this is the coolest attraction, and if I was still a kid I would make sure to bother mum and dad enough to take me here first! If the idea of playing real life counter-strike in a dark maze-like room while shooting lasers at your enemies doesn’t sound amazing to you, don't worry, your kids will be absolutely crazy about it!


As you can see, The Zone is one of the most complete family attractions you can find in Bendigo, if your kids are going to have any complaint about this place is when they have to leave to head back to the hotel. Don't forget to check The Zone's official website for the most up to date price list. Enjoy!

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