How to get the best rates for accommodation in Victoria

it doesn't matter whether you are booked into a backpackers hostel or a five-star hotel: there is nothing more annoying than finding out someone else has booked their room at a cheaper rate. Some hotels – particularly the major chains €“ promise a refund of the difference if you can find a cheaper rate, but they often don't honour such promises. Here are a few tips to help ensure you get the best rates on offer:Book early


The further ahead you can plan your visit, the better. Almost any property can give you a rate for up to a year in advance, and if you agree to pay a deposit – or better still the full amount – up front, you'll often get an extra discount.


It hardly needs saying that school holidays, high summer and Christmas-New Year are not going to be cheap times to get a room. Check out major local events and local holidays for the region you are visiting, too, as a football match, for example, may fill all the local hotel rooms for a couple of nights. If you can move your trip just a couple of days, you might get it much cheaper.


Is breakfast included in the rate €“ and if so, are you sure you want it (a cafe down the street might be a much tastier and cheaper option)? Pretty much any hotel worth the name should have in-room wifi these days, but some still gouge customers by charging extra for it. So before you book, make sure you are not wasting money on items like these.

Check For SItes


Nearly everyone (including travel agents) uses website booking engines these days and most are similar in pricing. However, once you have a specific property in mind, always check the hotel own website because many can match the booking specialists and some even beat them (if only by a few cents). Hotels like to book direct because then they don't have to pay commission, so be ready to haggle a bit, especially with smaller independent properties.


Many properties, especially at quiet times, will offer deals like a free night if you stay and pay for four. Check out if such a deal would be good for your itinerary.


How many in your party? How many beds can be put in a room? If you are all mates, and prepared to share, you may cut down on costs even further.


Finally, NEVER walk into reception at 7pm and ask for a room for that night. That will leave you with no wiggle room and you'll get hit with the worst rate imaginable, with no option to refuse!

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