Historic Train Rides & Other Victoria Day Trips

Historic Train Rides & Other Victoria Day TripsBeginning in Melbourne the railways throughout the province of Victoria have grown and shrunk like a giant spider web in the last century and a half. The rail network sprang up in Melbourne encircled the city and then began to branch out to reach what seems like everywhere in Victoria if you look at the map of 1930 when rail was at its most complete. The main lines are still in place from that time but many of the small branches have been removed.

Day trips in Victoria were almost as easy to take in the past as they are now. Once upon a time the ideal day trip through Victoria would have been by train, now one of the greatest day trips for Victoria is exploring and learning about the historic rail lines and taking a ride on a train from your favorite era.

Perhaps you want to see the inside of a real steam engine and everything that goes along with it. Maybe diesel is your style and you want to learn all you can about the diesel engine, or do you fancy and electric train that has barely changed since electricity came into wide use in the 1920s. A technology largely unchanged for the better part of a century.

Some of the historic trains allow special functions for corporate groups, weddings, and social groups as well as educational excursions. Many of the heritage locomotives are here only because there are so many passionate volunteers willing to donate time or money to keeping the history of the rail alive and well.

Trains were used to transport passengers, livestock, and other goods to all parts of Victoria. Whichever type of train you want to visit on your next trip to see the trains.


Steamrail Victoria Inc.

Once a month Steamrail Victoria Inc. hosts a train tour travelling through many popular destinations in Victoria. The non profit organisation fully restores and maintains steam engines, diesel, and electric locomotives to delight train enthusiasts and those just learning about Australia's rail history.There are ten tours scheduled from now until the end of the year going to various destinations for day trips around Victoria.

The original steam engine from 1889 has been fully restored to operate the same way it did when it was brand new. The carriage cars, also original, are from 1906 and those too have been 100% restored and are maintained as part of Victoria's Heritage Rail history.

Steamrail Victoria offers specials for groups, seniors, and children under the age of seventeen. A licensed bar is on board serving beer, wine, ales, and mixed drinks. No BYO alcohol is permitted.

Take a step back in time and travel north by rail to Goulburn Valley. There are several packages available to suit all tastes and budgets. There is a rail and sail tour coming up, and there are both one way trips and round trip depending on the time you want to spend on tour.

In addition to the scheduled trips the trains may also be used for private charter. Charter groups will have a minimum of 50 passengers and up to 1,000 can be accommodated for. Chartered trains can have modern amenities with air conditioned cars, and club cars used for entertaining. Charters can also be used to transport school children for regional educational excursions. There are many options for charter tours, destinations are determined by rail availability. Be flexible, have fun, and take the train in style.


The South Gippsland Railway

The South Gippsland Railway

Are you a locomotive enthusiast that has always wanted to drive a train? The South Gippsland Railway has a very special program just for the. The Dream Come True package will allow you to actually drive a train. Choose your train, pick from railmotors or locomotive hauled trains. No previous train driving experience is necessary, drivers must be at least 21 years of age, and this package is available for individuals or groups of two so that both of you will receive individual attention. Families and social groups are encouraged to come along for the ride.

If you don’t want to charter the train but you do want to experience it there are a number of tours being operated by Seymour. If driving the train is not your idea of a good time, you can take a tour on the Great Southern Line instead. The tour runs from Korumburra to Leongatha and then back again. This is a fantastic opportunity for a picnic or have lunch in Korumburra.

Typically on the first Sunday of the month a mixed train is brought out for tour, and has many different cars to explore and the photo opportunities are literally endless. Mixed trains are no longer in regular operation so the only way to experience this bygone era is by taking a tour like this one.


Seymour Railway Heritage Centre

For a more modern experience on the rail the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre operates passenger service using diesel locomotives, air conditioned steel and heritage wooden passengers carriages. Chartering these trains for special events is quite popular. Having a train theme around your special event will make it memorable for all your guests. Whether it be a wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, or other celebration. The trains have a bar on board.

There are a number of heritage train tours and and historic rail lines to explore throughout Victoria. We have chosen a wide variety to show what is available but this article is in no way a comprehensive list of all the train attractions throughout Victoria. To book transportation for your Victoria Day Trip by Train please contact Bendigo Coaches directly, we are happy to transport your group of 2 - 200+ for the ultimate train adventure. Let us know when you want to go and we will help you organise and get everyone to your locomotive of choice.

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