Going On The Best Trails in Melbourne


For most diehard bushwalkers, a visit to Melbourne is not complete without having to go on a special walk. However, Melbourne has a variety of some of the best places to go on a walk, whether you are a fan of bushwalking or simply want to catch that breath of fresh air in the woods. From lyrebird rain forests to art trails to spectacular looking costal views, there is just more than enough for anyone to embark on. Here is a list of some of the best walks and trails you can explore in Melbourne.

Yarra River TrailYarra River Trail

For a riverside trail walk offering a nice breeze and great atmosphere, this bush land path that is along the Yarra goes for 35 km and is a great choice for anyone who is into walking as they observe the environment during the trek. However, you do not have to do the whole 35km since there are shorter sections to explore. As you go along the path, you will encounter rivers and the bush land. You can also get around on this trail via cycling.


The Merri Creek

The Merri Creek is another example of a riverside trail walk that will leave you in awe. For that pleasant atmosphere as you walk besides rivers and bushes, this trail is a definite attraction for anyone who is into bushwalking or simply wants to have some fresh air. The whole walk is approximately 21 km but you can certainly opt for a shorter section of the trail to explore.

Coastal Art Trail

If you want that perfect opportunity to learn more about the culture and the history of Melbourne in a thrilling way then the Coastal Art Trail is the best option. This walk will bring art to you in an outdoor setting.  On the trail walkway, you will see red cliffs, sandy beaches and rocky coves, leaving you enthralled. 

Sherbrooke Forest WalkSherbrooke Forest Walk

If you are in love with birds, trees and the environment then you will definitely love this trail. From yellow robins to blue wrens, bird watchers and tree lovers are assured a great time in the walk. Whether you are into bushwalking or simply love the greenery, the chirps of the birds and the beautiful natural landscape on the trail will keep you in that good mood.   

Consider hiring a minibus or a coach to arrange a trip to these trails in Melbourne. This is especially applicable if you are travelling in a group. Talk to us and find out more!


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