Enjoying The Australian Countryside - Yarra Valley


Yarra Valley is one of the places you must visit to get a glimpse of the Australian country side. It is a wine growing region in Victoria and it has quite a few reputable wineries that brew some of Australia’s finest wines. There is the possibility for you to visit one of these wineries and even taste their products. In addition to visiting a winery, there are many other activities you can engage in when you are in Yarra Valley.

Merry Creek trailHave a ride on Merry Creek trail

If you are interested in biking, this is the route to take. This beautiful biking trail goes along the greenery close to Yarra River. This trail is equally good for those who like walking. In case you visit Yarra with your family, you can use this trail for hiking. There are information panels to educate you on where you are treading.

Watch a movie in Palace Cinema Como

This is an old style small cinema into which you can take your wine or the coffee. If you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy live piano music until the show starts. The seats are comfortable and you will spend a memorable evening there with your family.

Visit Abbotsford convent

This beautiful place has old buildings and beautiful gardens. You can also visit a restaurant to have a meal and enjoy one made out of local produce. Fresh vegetables, fruits and chocolates are all produced locally and you have the option to taste them before you go for sightseeing. There are artists working in their studios and you can watch them creating their works with passion.

Visit Australian Print Shop

This is a place where people interested in arts can get training on print artwork. There is the option for you to buy a quality print as well. You can choose your print from many available. In case you happen to visit this place on a day when an exhibition is in progress, you will be able to view a lot of artworks in print as well.

flying foxesWatch flying foxes in Yarra Bend Park

Bend Park is where you can see huge flocks of flying foxes hanging in trees. You need to be careful when you walk under the trees where these bats hang from. One consolation is that they hang upside down so, it is a rare occurrence to get their droppings falling on you! There are riverside cafes for you to enjoy a great meal as well.  This is also a great place for walking, hiking and biking.

Yarra is just one suburb of Melbourne that offers great activities for the tourist. There are many other such areas where you can enjoy your holiday in Victoria. Since the locations you are going to visit during your holiday are a bit far apart, the best way to get about is to hire a mini bus or a coach. It will provide ample luggage space as well as passenger space for a small group. Getting one is as easy as making a phone call or sending an email!



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