Day trips in Bendigo: 5 best ideas to spend a day with the family


Here at Bendigo coach lines we love creating unique and customs trips for our clients, after all, we have been the local expert for decades now. If you want to travel in and around Bendigo, we might have some good suggestions for you. Remember you can always request an online quote and start travelling today!


Let’s examine some of the top day trips and activities that you can enjoy with your family while travelling in Bendigo and around Victoria province, hope they are useful! Here they are:


Bendigo Information Center

Why am I sending you to the information center you ask? Well, there's actually a very good reason behind this idea. So it happens, this information center happens to reside in one of the city's most beautiful buildings.

This amazing architectural piece acted as the city's post building until 1995 when it was turned in to the city's information center. Keep in mind Bendigo city (thanks to it's gold-rush era) was one of the wealthiest cities in the entire world, this building reflects exactly that.

Take advantage of the fact you can always use some updated information, check out the center's suggestions while paying great attention to the intense beauty and detail inside this building.


Gold MineCentral Deborah Gold Mine

We have mentioned this mine in other posts, and there's a reason for that. For years this attraction has time and time again gained visitor's approval thanks to it uniqueness and historic value, plus you kids will love to be able to head 8 storey7s underground and pretend to be a real miner for a couple of hours.



Vintage Talking Train Tour

Another extremely iconic thing about Bendigo, we love our Trams!! Make sure you take the time to take the talking tram tour, what can we tell you? Is truly a must do if you want to get a real feel for Bendigo, it's history, it's culture and it's people... and don't tell me the idea of a talking train doesn’t stir some curiosity within.

Head to the main Bendigo Tramways terminal and begin a lovely and charming ride through the peaceful city streets on a traditional vintage tram!



Bendigo Farm Stay

You do have the option of visiting the farm for a single day, we wouldn’t personally recommend you do that as you can only get the real experience (bonfires included) if you actually stay overnight. We can hardly see a better option (specially if you like animals and the outdoors) to spend your time than “meeting, patting, cuddling, bucket and bottle feeding lots of delightful friendly animals, in a happy country environment”.


Learn the beauty of outdoor living by actually involving your self directly, there's hardly a better way to get a true, realistic and educational experience than this. Make sure you contact them before hand to make reservations or get some more details about the ongoing events and activities (they do change during the year)


Farmers MarketThe Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market


What better way to enjoy a day out with the family than meeting the friendly local while shopping for some of the freshest produce available? Every 2nd Saturday of every-month from 9.00 am-1.00 pm farmers will congregate to offer their fresh and local produce to Bendigo's residents right at the city's CBD.


The market is at the Rosalind Park which (as we discuss on the point above) is in itself a great idea for a day out with your family, make this experience even better by organizing your park visit during the weekend, you might just be luckily enough to get the chance to relate with the people responsible for the fresh food grown in the city, come visit the people that dedicate their lives to producing healthy, natural products for all.



Lake Eppalock

Why not travel a little bit further for an adventure? Contact us today and book a mini bus directly to lake Eppalock, Here you and your kids will be able to spend a nice fun day right by the banks of this impressive lake. If there's one thing Australians are well known for is their love for extreme sport, so don't be surprised to find a wide variety of these being offered here: Pick between fly boarding, boating, fishing and swimming


Here's a map with all the attractions we just mentioned, let us know when you want start exploring!


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