Day Tours From Bendigo - Geelong Area

Bendigo is a great place as a base to discover the great state of Victoria and to tour around the surrounding towns, cities and countryside.

A well worthwhile day trip from Bendigo is Geelong which is just over two hours drive away. Situated on the southern tip of Australia it is a wonderful place to discover full of a wide variety of attractions and local natural beauty.

The waterfront is superb for a stroll to see the 19th century carousel, and a curved art deco boardwalk. During your walk you will see the Baywalk Bollards, which are colourful sculptures portraying the the city’s history.

Day Trips Geelong

Geelong Waterfront

Geelong’s Waterfront has been renovated and revamped, there are many restaurants set on scenic piers, together with historical landmarks, a 19th century carousel, sculptures, grand homes, swimming areas, kids playgrounds and plenty of grassy sections ideal for family picnics.

During the summer a great place to cool off is Eastern Beach, which has its own art-deco bathing pavilion complete with diving boards, sunbathing area and kids pool.



Geelong has a fine selection of dining establishments serving all types of cuisines: Igni is a new addition to the fine dining of Geelong, the set tasting menus change on a whim, incorporating a mix of local and European flavours from saltbush to oyster leaf, or marron or squab cooked on a wood-fired grill fuelled by ironbark and red gum.

Caruggi bring fine Italian dining in this Ligurian inspired trattoria, the signature dish if the focaccia al formaggio di Recco (cheese focaccia) but many go to Caruggi for the superb pizzas. The Hot Chicken Project is a cosy, welcoming diner that specialises in authentic Nashville Chicken as well as wings, tenders and even dark meats together with hot fish and tofu. For the adventurous Evil Chicken is served at different levels of heat but there is no need to panic as a cool craft beer will wash the chili away.

Geelong Sights Running Tour

This running tour is ideal for the more physical visitor to Geelong, and is a 10km trek and running experience.

The starting and finishing point is Cunningham Point, and the run takes you through the winding streets of Victoria’s second city. From the start you will make your way through beautiful parks up to the Botanical Garden before hitting the residential streets and even more parks along the Barwon River.

Geelong is a perfect place for running and the tour will show you exactly why, you will also check in to some amazing cafes and a chance to recharge your batteries.

Geelong is a perfect day trip from Bendigo and if you are thinking of taking a group by bus hire or coach tour, then Bendigo Coachlines is the perfect group transportation partner for your tour, with knowledgeable local drivers to act as your guide.

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