Day Tours from Bendigo - Eden

Situated 700 kilometers from Bendigo is Eden on the wild Sapphire Coast. Perhaps you should consider taking a tour to this wonderful part of Australia if you are staying in Bendigo.

The experts of coach trips and charter tours around Victoria and NSW are Bendigo Coachlines, and they will happily arrange a group transportation to Eden and the Sapphire Coast. Autumn is a great time to visit the Sapphire Coast, the water is still warm and there are less tourists about.


Eden is a popular tourist destination, with outstanding scenery and rolling hills. The actual town is still quite quaint and it is a wonderful place to relax and take time out from busy city life. Twofold Bay is the heart of Eden and comprises most of the area’s history, Eden is still actually a working fishing port. If you make down to Snug Cove early in the morning you can still see the fishermen bringing in their catch. Well worth a visit is the Eden Killer Whale Museum especially around the 1st of November when Eden hosts the Whale Festival.

Day Tours from Bendigo - Eden

 Killer Whale Trail

 A must-do activity when in Eden is to take the Killer Whale Trail, it will take you on an adventure of long gone times and of course whales. The tour is a self-drive trip that will take you around the five  pertinent places that make up the whale history of Eden. You will rediscover the amazing history of Eden whaling during 1828 to 1930 and the story of the whalers and the wild killer orca whales. During the autumn these 5 places are the best vantage points to view the majestic humpbacks as they take their annual migration.


Beaches are one of the main reasons that visitors come to Eden, and the Sapphire Coat has an abundance of them. The choice of beaches will suit everybody from quiet and still like Nullica or white tops at Aslings.


  • Pinnacles Beach - Pinnacles is a part of Long Beach in the Boyd National Park. This beach is well worth a visit to see the Quoraburagun Pinnacles.
  • Severs Beach - A quiet and remote beach on the shores of the Pambula river, not only is it beautiful it is also a significant Aboriginal heritage site.
  • Barmouth Beach - Another beach that can be found on the mouth of the Pambula river, ideal for fishing and messing about in rockpools.


There are excellent walks around Eden that will suit all and sundry, you can stroll along the path of Aslings Beach or you can attempt the more challenging 30 kilometre Ben Boyd walk.

Also you can try the Heritage Walk, which will take you through Eden and all its history. Twofold Bay is another destination to head to and learn all about the regions convict past and admire the natural beauty that surrounds you.

A trip to Eden and the Sapphire Coast is well worthwhile, the stunning rustic beauty of the area might well surprise you, and there are so many things to see and do.

Contact Bendigo Coachlines and they will inform you of the coach charters that are available to this fantastic part of Australia.

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