Day Tours From Bendigo - Mount Beauty

Bendigo is a fantastic place to be based for touring around the state of Victoria, and Bendigo Coachlines offer fantastic day tours around this varied and beautiful part of Australia.

In this blog we head to the Alpine National Park and to Mount Beauty which is just over 300 kilometers east of Bendigo.

Day Tours - Mount Beauty


Alpine National Park

The Alpine National Park is the largest in Victoria, in winter there are extensive snowfields with plenty of alpine activities on the high mountains. In summer there is a plethora of wildlife with outstanding wildflowers.

The varied activities available are: skiing and snow sports, cycling, walking, birdwatching, rafting, and fishing.


Mount Beauty

Situated on the River Kiewa and nestled in the Kiewa Valley, Mount Beauty is a hub for mountain biking and for all visitors who love the great outdoors.

The air is crisp and a hike through the Alpine National Park will get rid of the grimy city air from the lungs. Exciting adventures such as High Plains horse riding and camping out with the family under the stars are all available.

Of course during the winter months the snow provides most of the fun with all its associated activities.


Wineries & Farm Gates

All around Mount Beauty, are marvellous back roads that will take you to some great wineries and farm gates. The three best wineries around the area are Annapurna Estate, Bogong Estate and Ceccanti Kiewa Valley Wine.

The moderate climate produces high quality grapes that make wine with high fruit content and natural acidity. The friendly cellar doors are an ideal to spend a lazy afternoon with family and friends.


High Country Brewery Trail

The High Country Brewery Trail extends from the mountains to the river and weaves a path to some really good hand crafted breweries. There are four amazing breweries along the way: Sweetwater Brewery, Bright Brewery, Bridge Road Brewers and Black Dog Brewery.

You can taste the difference between the breweries different craft beers and see the difference the pristine waters of the region make to these unique beers.

Why not visit the Beer Hall of Sweetwater Brewery which has magnificent views of Mount Bogong, or you can sit outside and just lounge around.


Beautiful Bogong

Mount Bogong is the highest peak in Victoria and stands at just under two thousand metres, for walkers it presents a challenging but achievable walk. The walk begins in the bushland of the Alpine National Park and there you prepare to ascend The Big Fella.

The walk will take between six and ten hours depending if you take the Staircase Spur or around Eskdale Spur. No climbing equipment is needed, just sturdy footwear and weatherproof clothing.

Mount Beauty is certainly a great place to go to on a day tour, there is so much to do and see in this part of Victoria. Perhaps you should extend your coach charter tour for two to three days to ensure you get everything in.

Contact Bendigo Coachlines and enquire about their day tours around Victoria, you can be sure that they have a coach charter to suit your exact needs.

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