Go On A Camping Trip In Australia!


Do you want to de-stress from all the work pressure you are facing? Do you feel like exploring the great outdoors is your 'thing'? Well, you can take things a little further and try a camping trip in Australia. After all, there are many places in the country where you can certainly have a great time getting near to nature.

Anderson Garden

This camping area may be located in a seemingly oddly named place called the Mount Disappointment State Forest but there is no reason for you to feel like it offers nothing more than you expect from it. It is not a disappointing place at all considering that it is situated in a very mesmerising spot where you can catch a glimpse of the mountainside.

Anderson Reserve

If you are looking for a camping site where you can enjoy the great outdoors with enough space to put up your tents, then Anderson Reserve's camping area is a must-do. Take note though that the campsite is open only during summertime. The main reason behind this is that this is that perfect season of the year when you can fish, swim and have a dip on the waters  all of which are best associated with summer. The place is also open for water skiing and canoeing.


This place is located on French Island Natural Park and is just a few-minute ride away from that of the Mornington Peninsula. It may be situated in a place that is not as popular as that of Phillip Island but it is certainly a place where you can embrace what nature has to offer. It is peaceful and quiet thus making it ideal for campers who would want the bliss and serenity a camping trip can offer.

Kirth Kiln

Situated at the Kirth Kiln Regional Park, this area is located on the eastern portion of Melbourne. The place was actually named after that popular chimney, otherwise that has been utilised in making charcoal during the World War II. Whilst the kiln is no longer operational, it is still considered one of the main attractions in this camping area. As you take a trip to this campsite, you can enjoy other activities like cycling, bushwalking and horse riding.

Nash Creek

This camping area that is seated at the Bunyip State Forest is one of the most fascinating destinations to include in your camping trip. Some of you may presume that there are bunyips on trees in this forest but the truth is there are no such things found in the area. What makes this place a great find is the fact that it is home to the most peaceful campsites seated in between the bushes all around the place. This is strategically located at the heart of the forest thus offering perfect mountain-biking trails as well as walking paths where campers like you can enjoy fun outdoor activities.

Nioka Bush Camp

Strategically located on the Plenty River banks, this camp site is a perfect getaway place for people who would want to feel relaxed after so many months or even years of working. This reserve is closely administered and maintained by Parks Victoria thus you can expect that you get amenities that are unusual to camp life.

Sorrento Foreshore

This is considered one of the most famous amongst all attractions that can be found at Mornington Peninsula. The area has a spacious campsite where you can expect to have a closer glimpse of what nature has to offer. This is noted as one of the busiest campsites in Australia. Therefore, if you decide to include this in your camping trip, you better expect that there is no such thing as peaceful and quiet in the place.

The Gums

This camping area is located at the Kinglake National Park and boasts of its capability to bring campers nearer to nature's beauty. The different campsites are set on an area where you can find a stream and a variety of bushes separating one camping area to those of the others. Bushwalking and fishing are two of the most fascinating activities you can participate in if you consider visiting this campsite.

You won't ever regret a camping trip in Australia!

camping in AustraliaAustralia is, with no doubt, one of those places where you can get closer to nature via a number of camp sites. It is indeed worth making it your priority plan if you want to have that camping trip that you have always dreamed of.

Make your trip to the camping site much more of a breeze by simply checking on when you can actually go and explore them. You should also be acquainted with the basics of camping from setting up your own tent to preparing the equipment and camping supplies you should bring to the site.

If you are travelling in a bigger group, you should certainly think of getting a coach hire to facilitate your camping trip. With those bulky tents and camping equipment to bring, you will definitely appreciate the extra space you have on a coach bus to store them. 

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