Best Chinese restaurants in Bendigo for food lovers


As we have seen on many of our past posts, Bendigo is famous for possessing quite the strong Chinese influence, and this influence has percolated the character and culture of Bendigo in many ways. From the architecture to certain cultural aspects and festivals have been affected by this great influx of Chinese immigrants during the gold rush that affected Australia last century. Yet another great way in which Bendigo's culture, looks and, well taste was enriched by the immigrant families was the food. This city has now gained some national attention for the high quality Chinese culinary delicacies that can be found around the city's most popular Chinese restaurants.


Given we at Bendigo coaches love creating customized travel experiences for all tastes. We figured out it would be a great idea to collect some of the best restaurants specializing in Chinese food so that we can give our users some inspiration on how to enjoy our lovely city in non-conventional ways. Food tours anyone?

chinese restaurant in Bendigo


Let's get cooking, here are Bendigo's top Chinese restaurants for all food lovers:


Toi Shan Chinese Restaurant


A great example of Chinese cuisine at its best, this lovely venue is located (much like the rest of the Chinese restaurants in the city) within Bendigo's mid-town, making it very accessible to all people. Whether on your private car, public transport or on foot, you will have no trouble finding the Toi Shan Restaurant at 65/67 Mitchell St.


Inside this pretty accommodating restaurant, you will be greeted by very courteous and traditionally dressed waitress who will lead you to your table to take a good look at their diverse Menu. You can rest assured the food and the atmosphere are as authentic as they can possibly be. Overall a very nice experience that should be tried out by all food lovers traveling Bendigo.


Check out the following map to find the Toi Shan Restaurant:




Malayan Orchid Restaurant


I know the name is a little misleading here, but the food served at this trendy restaurant is certainly worth the confusion. Located at 157 View St means this place is easily accessible by public and private transport alike, and don't forget, this restaurant is rumored to be the absolute best Chinese restaurant in the whole of Bendigo, so don't miss out on the opportunity of dropping by to visit.


Visitors can expect a diverse menu filled with Chinese specialties, many of which are cooked using family recipes. Be assured you will receive a traditional plate beautifully decorated and cooked exclusively with fresh hi-quality ingredient. Both produce quality and customer satisfaction are very high priorities at the Malayan Orchid. This also gets reflected on the high level of service the polite and attentive staff constantly provide for customers.


You can see a map of the specific location of the Malayan Orchid restaurant as follows:



I will also add this map to the article since people do indeed like choices!! You can check out the location of some more Chinese restaurants in Bendigo, and you will be happy to notice most (if not all of them) are actually located quite near each other and in midtown, guess nothing stops you form visiting more than one with ease. Enjoy!


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