Minibus Tour for Picnics and Snow Playgrounds in Victoria

Year round Victoria is a lovely place to visit with outdoor activities that appeal to a very diverse group of people. In the summertime there are hiking trails, and water sports like water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, white water rafting, swimming, and fishing from the beaches to the rivers, and lakes that can be found throughout the province. In colder months there are endless winter playgrounds in the mountains where young and old alike can play to their hearts content. Building snowmen, snow forts, cross country skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing, inner tubing, sledding, ice skating, and snowmobiling.snowmobiling

Bendigo Coachlines can help you create the ultimate minibus tour customized to your tastes to tour Victoria. Regardless of the time of year there is always somewhere the outdoor lover can enjoy in Victoria. It has four distinct seasons, spring flowers, autumn leaf changes, snow in winter, and surf conditions in summer. Any size group, any time of year all around Victoria. Bendigo Coachlines has been a local tour operator for over two decades and we have put together a list of our picks for picnic areas and snow playgrounds for Victoria.

Let us know in the comments section where else you like to travel to in the great province of Victoria.


Day Trips Victoria - The Ultimate Picnic Places


Let us begin with a park Edinburgh Park, in fact equipped with a skate park perfect for rollerblading or skateboarding. You will need to bring your own wheels but this can keep unruly teenagers busy for hours and hours, and of course is great for the younger kids as well. If skating is not your thing or is not the activity of choice for everyone there are also tables available for table tennis, although you do need to bring your own bats and balls, however we can always make a shopping pit stop prior to heading to the park for your day out for a picnic. There are many shops near the park to delight all picnic goers.

The Old Alphington Swimming Pool is another awesome little picnic spot where there are boats that can be rented by the hour. Under $40 for the first hour and under $10 for each additional hour. Load your picnic into your dingy and cruise down the creek to the picnic grounds and enjoy your meal, then work it off with the paddle back.

For another guilt free picnic spot visit One Tree Hill about an hour outside the CBD in the Dandenong Ranges. The most gorgeous of all picnic spots is another 15 minutes beyond the 1000 step forest walk and so worth it for the view and the extra caloric burn. Stop at a winery on the way to prepare your picnic basket properly.

For those days that you need nature but you do not have the time to go exploring the surrounding mountains there is the Royal Botanic Gardens for a nature escape within the city limits. Now you will have to keep focused and guilt free when you pack that basket filled with cheeses, breads, and wines as you march through the throngs of walkers, joggers, cyclists and other such healthy individuals. Stay on target and use the wine as your motivator as you navigate through the crowd to the best spot for you and your picnic blanket. The subtropical climate allows many species of flora and fauna to thrive in these lovely grounds. If you have no picnic basket you can cheat and take a meal in the cafe and choose garden seating.

Whether you have a day to kill and want to leisurely head into the mountains for wine and lunch or you have a limited time and need to get your picnic fix in the city centre the great province of Victoria has an option for you.


Day Trips Victoria - The Ultimate Snowy Playgrounds


Victoria has a number of national parks which make for a perfect winter time playground. The Alpine National Park is home to three of the highest peaks in the province of Victoria. Mt. Howitt, Mt. Feathertop, and Mt. Bogong are all inside the park and each one has lookouts and areas for outdoor playing year round. Both cross country skiing and downhill skiing are available in Alpine National Park, and if you have time the Alpine Museum is there as well which tracks the history of skiing through the decades with memorabilia and history lessons in abundance.skiing

Mt. Buffalo National Park is perfect for a winter getaway. There are more than 14km of marked cross country ski trails, toboggan routes, and snowfields perfect for sledding, building snowmen and general revelry. Mt. Buffalo has a sub-alpine climate with gentle undulating grounds ideal for a day out in the snow with family. Mt. Buffalo is also awesome for picnics in warmer months with canoeing, ATV riding, horseback riding and other activities available. It is a year round playground.

The snowfields of Victoria are so perfect for a day trip out with the family or friends. Have your minibus driver take you straight to one of the resorts with a car park next door and use the snowfields for a day out in the snow. Snowball fights, toboggan races, sledding, snow forts, and all the other fun things you can do in the snow.

Whether the weather is hot or cold, sunny or snowy there are many things to do in Victoria for a day trip. Picnics in the parks, or dining in the fields of the mountains, snowball fights, or canoe rides, Victoria has something for the outdoor lover to do 365 days a year.


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