Architecture and Culture, who says Bendigo has little to offer to the tourist?

Indeed, being located right next to Australia's second largest city might make you shine less brightly, but Bendigo is certainly not to be underestimated! Whether visiting one of the many museums seeded among it's beautiful streets or discovering certain cultural trends you weren't aware of, this charming city certainly has a lot to offer to the curious traveler. Here is a list of some of the beautiful architectural and cultural venues that are bound to change your perspective on Bendigo as a touristic spot, enjoy!


 Golden Dragon Museum

Golden Dragon Museum

Ok,might as-well start with something that you didn’t expect right? As it goes, Bendigo is a hot spot for Chinese culture and people, many immigrated during the Australian gold rush looking for the promise of infinite wealth and a fortunate life (in an absolutely foreign country!). Regardless, the Golden Dragon Museum is the first accredited museum of Victoria, so it certainly has quite the reputation and history!

Given the museum is located right in the middle of Bendigo's China town, it is a great opportunity to also visit this beautiful and multicultural area filled with ethnic shops, food stalls and old medicine and tea houses. Further more, on the same grounds the Golden Dragon Museum is located , you will be able to find the beautiful Chinese Gardens and the temple to Kuan Yin (the Chinese deity of mercy). So as you can see, a visit to this museum could become a full day's tour!


Bendigo's Art Gallery

Ok, now that you have seem some amazing architecture and learned a bit more about the rich ethnic background that makes this city so special, why not enjoy some art to inspire your soul that extra bit? Bendigo's art gallery is considered Australia's 'largest and most impressive regional art museum', and after it's 8.5 million re-development at the beginning of 2014, it's ready to9 impress all visitors.

Shows and expositions change often, you can always check out their website. The gallery is open daily except during holidays and the entrance is by donation, which means is the ideal attraction for those times you are on a budget!


Sacred Heart CathedralSacred Heart Cathedral

From the east to the west, why not keep your tour as multicultural as possible by visiting this beautiful church. As one of Australia's biggest churches (and second tallest right after Melbourne's St. Patrik's Cathedral ) this architectural wonder will surely give you many chances to practice your photography skills (including amazing halls and huge colorful vitros windows). 


As you remember, the Chinese came to Bendigo during the gold rush, and so it happens, our beautiful church here was also very efficient at accumulating wealth during these times of abundance. There is a great number of statues, paintings, decorative ornaments, stone floors and walls that are guaranteed to get your attention as your mind attempts to understand how much wealth (and beautiful art) is accumulated in this building. Take your time and allow yourself to take all the masterpieces in, there are indeed thousands of beautiful details worth your time.

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