4 Fascinating Places In Melbourne To Visit


These days, the number of people who are visiting Melbourne, Victoria is overwhelming. As a fervent tourist, the area offers more than your eyes can be able to accommodate. From museums, the unique wildlife, the beautiful places of interest, and so much more, it is no wonder that people plan long holiday stays over here to see it all in Melbourne.

Whether you are visiting the region with your family, colleagues, or friends, you are guaranteed to gain new experiences and have a fascinating time. Here are 4 fascinating places to visit in Melbourne and you should never miss out on them while planning your Melbourne and Victoria trip!

Old Melbourne GaolOld Melbourne Gaol

If you are captivated by the study of History and is interested in how the legal justice system operated in Victoria in the 1800s, visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol is a definite plan. This is one of the oldest surviving buildings here, which was used as a prison to hold the growing population of criminals then. You can go to the cells where the many prisoners such as Ned Kelly were held and discover how justice was administered.

Eurecka Skydeck

Located in Southbank, the Eurecka Skydeck 88 is one of the must-see attractions in Melbourne. The experience is pretty amazing. As result of two lifts propelling people at very fast speeds, it takes visitors to Floor 88 in just less than 40 seconds. This platform, which is the highest point in the whole of Melbourne, lets you experience a brief moment of fear but amazement will take over as you see almost every single place of the city, leaving you mesmerized. 

The Queen Victoria Market

This market has been held dear to many citizens as well as visitors. Having served the people of Melbourne and the other cities for more than a century, it has definitely been a landmark among the many other interesting places in Melbourne. From cosmetics to clothing to vegetables, you are able to acquire anything and everything here easily. 

Melbourne MuseumMelbourne Museum

If you are a great art fan or are simply a lover of indigenous culture or science, then the Melbourne Museum is a definite way point in this beautiful city. This 2011 winner of the Australian Award for Major Tourist Attraction brags of one of the best cultural experiences that you will get in the country. If you are a movie person, there is a large IMAX Theatre waiting for you.

Whether you are visiting the area for a family vacation or corporate trip, you may consider hiring a minibus to enjoy convenience and safety when getting around in Melbourne and Victoria.

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