4 Captivating Hotels For Accommodation In Melbourne


Many people touring Victoria and its nearby areas have an opportunity to visit some of the best hotels in Australia. Whether as a foreign tourist flying into Victoria or as a local who is interested in a staycation, the hotels have the basics of what you have expected and can go one step further to offer way above what you expect. There are hotels that best serve business travellers while there are motels that are budget-friendly and there are family resorts in Victoria that can make your family entourage really satisfied during your Australia trip. Here is a look at 4 captivating hotels that have been recognised as top hotels through word of mouth, both online and offline:

Park Hyatt MelbourneAre you looking for a comfortable place to spend a couple of days?

Park Hyatt Melbourne

This is one of the best hotels and has a wonderful ambiance; it has a great contemporary design and offers excellent services that you would not find anywhere else. The hotel offers one of the best cuisines in the world, private terraces, club health, day spas and the open fireplace and the great customer services, what more can you ask for?




Richmond Hill Hotel

Richmond Hill Hotel

Many people who are after a bed and breakfast experience have the option of this magnificent hotel. This 60 guest roomed hotel is situated on Melbourne business district, has great attraction sites, for such as cricket grounds. The numerous boutiques and shops along the hotel are a great deal for those shopping junkies. Transport, through rail, is also easily accessible to all people. 





Como Hotel Melbourne

This five star hotel leaves many with an urge to return repeatedly thanks to the luxurious touch and feel that is involved in the experience. With the attractive penthouses and the bedroom suites, you can never go wrong with this option.  Whether it is a family outing or you are just travelling alone, you will have a great experience here and will not want your vacation to end!




The Novotel, St. Kilda

The Novotel, St. Kilda

If you are in love with water sports or cannot simply do without visiting the beach, the hotels in the state of Victoria have all it takes to make you happy, with The Novotel hotel located in Melbourne setting the standards high. Whether you are looking for a great breakfast or that nice cuisine, you are all sorted out nicely at The Novotel.



Having seen a glimpse of some of these great hotels in Victoria, using convenient services with a hired coach to get to the hotels, especially if it is a family vacation, can be a great way to get the travel party started!

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