4 Best Places To Hike In Victoria


For the ultimate holiday experience there is nothing quite like walking and hiking in Victoria, Australia. You can pack a picnic lunch hiking through scenic tracks in lush rain forests, see rare wildlife in deserts or walk alpine trails to secluded waterfalls, Victoria has it all. Hiking in Victoria

There are plenty of exciting walking tracks throughout the region many of which are only a few miles drive from the city of Melbourne. Hiking trails are easily accessible and the perfect opportunity to experience as well as admire the diverse landscape when out in the great outdoors.

The following are considered to be by many hiking enthusiasts the 4 best places to hike in Victoria, Australia.

1. Australian Alps Walking Track ­ this 650 kilometre trail begins in the old mining town of Walhalla and ends near Canberra. It is quite a demanding hike passing alpine peaks, snow­ capped mountains, cattlemen huts, tall forests, woodlands and historical sights on the way. The track is mainly confined to ridges and high plains away from settlements, so make sure you are well prepared before setting off.

This track will take you to some of Australia’s most beautiful national parks. The track traverses the highest mountains in Australia, and is a very rugged and rough hike for experienced hikers with better than average navigation skills. The track was started in the 1970s and now goes through three states. This major walking track can be joined from many different places between Canberra and Walhalla. Most of the track is located far away from any towns or settlements though.

Bendigo Coaches has in the past taken hikers to one point and picked them up at another predetermined point either the same day or on a different day. Chartering a minicoach for your group and your hiking gear to go from Melbourne to one of the access trails is very simple. Just let one of our operators know you would like to book a hiking trip to Victoria for a day trip or more and we will arrange all the details for you.

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2. Great Prom Walk ­ this particular hiking circuit takes hikers into Victoria Wilson Promontory National Park. There are two hiking options available here depending on your time and energy which both leave from and return to Telegraph Saddle car park. You need a good level of fitness to be able to complete the 35.5 to 52.8km distance that also requires a lot of bushwalking experience. Hiking tracks can be long, rough and very steep, but great fun.

The Southern Prom offers overnight hikes. You must bring your own water! There are basic camping facilities along the Southern Prom at places like Sealers Cove which heads along a creek and takes about 3 hours. Great place for photos with the crystal clear turquoise water. A little ways beyond is Refuge Cove which has access to a great beach. One can continue on to places like LIttle Waterloo Bay which is only accessible by footpath on the overnight trail. Many of these trails will be unseen by 99% of humanity. Hiking in Victoria is something that should not be missed by any avid nature lover. Hikers can stay overnight for up to two consecutive nights on these trails.

3. Aire River to Johanna Beach Hike ­ this is a long and exciting walk through stunning terrain from the Aire River to Johanna Beach. As part of the Great Ocean Road you know the views and scenery will be absolutely spectacular. Do not forget your camera when hiking through heath land with spring wildflowers and spectacular sea views. You may be lucky enough to see Peregrine falcons flying overhead when wading across the Johanna River. This hike generally takes around 5 hours to complete with a distance of 12.4km.

Dinosaur remains have been found along this ancient route. You will be able to experience craggy cliffs, and sweeping views of the coast, along with the river hitting the ocean. When you finally come out on Johanna Beach you will be amazed by the enormous crashing surf pounding on the earth.

4. The Gables Lookout Walk­ The Gables Lookout Walk is a gentler hike, ideal for older people and hiking beginners. Walk through Casuarina Grove to the spectacular lookout over the ocean and the reefs around Moonlight Head. Here you will find the highest sea cliffs on mainland Australia, so why not take a good pair of binoculars to keep a close eye out for seabirds and whales that swim off shore during June to September. It is only a distance of 800m which should take only around 20 minutes to complete, making it an easy hiking grade.

No matter what your fitness level there is a walk or hike that will work for you. There are hundreds if not thousands of kilometres of trails in Victoria and the surrounding areas. There are hikes for experienced bush walkers and easy strolls that are appropriate for older persons, or children. Group transport is available for school groups, private groups, and corporate groups by minibus or full size coach. Coordinate pick up and drop off points for day hikes or several days. Bendigo Coachlines is happy to assist you in a custom hiking itinerary so you can see the greatest of what Victoria has to offer.

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