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Why Travel To Victoria?

Though Melbourne is the first city people think about when talking about the province of Victoria, Australia's most populous region actually enjoys a great diversity of attractions and sights awaiting the adventurous tourist willing to explore. Day trips from Bendigo coachline can make to most of your visit to Victoria.
From the natural beauty of the national parks, long and rugged coastlines to the expansive wine regions like the Yarra Valley  (which produce some of the best wine in the world, including some of the top Australian Shiraz) Victoria certainly possesses the charm to enchant any and all visitors.
The Yarra Valley,  Mornington Peninsula, the Macedon ranges and Bellarine peninsula are your best options when it comes to wine tours, there are hundreds of wineries offering tours and wine tasting get-togethers. The best thing about them? Most of these are actually free! So do take the time to explore these areas as each of them will produce different wine characteristics, making Victoria one of the top destinations in the world for all wine fanatics. Here is a great resource I found, it is a map depicting the locations of most wineries in Victoria; it comes from the Victoria government so you can rest assured the information is up-to date and well researched.
We do suggest that you use a minibus tour to maximize your visits to wineries in and around Victoria. We have found out as a tour bus operator that some of the best boutique wineries do not have the capacity to serve a 50 seat luxury coach so we suggest smaller more intimate gatherings if you are wanting to see some of the vineyards that are unique to Victoria and are much less about the status quo

The Great Ocean Road

One of the most iconic trips in the province, much in the style of a route 66, is the great ocean road, a stretch of road that expands between the localities of Torquay and Allansford. The entire road is seeded with great attractions ranging from National Parks to charming little surfing towns. Being able to hire a travel coach from us means you will get the freedom to explore the hundreds of experiences along the road.
We have budget vans for surf tours! Let us know how many people, and how many boards. We know each surfer in the party is likely to have 2-5 boards of varying lengths depending on their enthusiasm. We also have trailers that can handle excess equipment like bicycles and camping gear.
Here is a Google map showing but a few of the most popular touristic attractions in the area, let your adventurous spirit rise and discover new sights.

Felling like a cultural experience?

Being the culturally rich and proud province they are, the locals hold a number of events to commemorate special occasions; these include music festivals, comedy festivals and carnivals. From worldwide productions for the family like the lion king to one of the biggest wine festivals world wide, there certainly is something for everybody. You will also notice events tend to be year around, this coupled with the clear weather the area gets nearly 365 days of the year, mean there is technically never a bad time to visit Australia and the cultural wonders held in Victoria.

Day Trips in Victoria - Bendigo Coachlines

The Top Attractions in Melbourne

The most popular tourist attractions include: Melbourne Museum, Werribee Open Range Zoo, Yarraville Market and the Adventure Park in Geelong. If the whole family is looking for entertainment then the open zoo is a fantastic choice along with Melbourne Aquarium and Otway Fly Treetop Adventures is a great place for a day out with the kids.
Outdoor activities include watersports, golf (there are many great golf courses throughout Victoria and Melbourne), hiking and snowboarding. 
International inbound travellers  from Asian countries often love to head to the snow resorts where they can experience skiing or snowboarding for the first time. Or simply build a snowman, or enjoy a ski lodge with a roaring fire.
If you will be staying overnight in Victoria, check out our guide on how to find the best accommodation

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Make your trip more enjoyable with a day trip in Victoria!
See Victoria with friends, family or co-workers all together and enjoy it as a group. Minibuses work well for family trips, hen and stag nights, bridal showers, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and for showing off all the great things Victoria has to offer to anyone that visits you.
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